Let Your Life Speak

As Quakers we seek to find how the spirit can lead us towards truth, unity and love. Our testimonies grow from this leading, and so are about the way we try to lead our lives. This attempt to put faith into practice, often with great difficulty, arises from an understanding of values and principles central to the Quaker way of being.

Quaker Testimonies

These express our spirituality in action, not a set of words. We try to meet real needs rather than ever changing desires:


Quakers try to live according to the the deepest truth we can experience. This may include speaking the truth to those in power.


This is a guiding principle we attempt to live by, and expect in public life.

Justice, Equality and Community

We recognise the equal worth and unique nature of everyone. So we try to work to change systems which cause injustice and hinder community. And we seek to support such as prisoners, asylum seekers, and slaves.


Quakers are concerned about the excesses and unfairness of consumer society, and about climate change. We try to live simply, and give space to things that really matter: all the people around us, the natural world, our spiritual experience. We think of each other as Friends, and know each other simply by first name and surname, using no titles.


Love is at the heart of existence, and all people are equal. We want to live according to this. Quakers have always opposed war, refused military service, and involved themselves in work to promote alternatives to violence.

(Some of this text is adapted from Living what We Believe from

Experiences of Hope Valley Friends trying to live out our testimonies: