Bamford Quaker Community

Hope Valley Quakers meet in the light peaceful worship room of the Bamford Quaker Community, and use their welcoming kitchen for our refreshments.

This is an independent Quaker Community, living, working and worshipping together. They have a diversity of shared and individual accommodation in the old Derwent Waterboard buildings in Water Lane, Bamford.

Living and working with the Quaker testimonies to simplicity, peace, equality, truth and sustainability, they offer a programme of retreats, working weeks and individual stays to our guests.

Members of the community share their skills and offer service to provide hospitality, run the retreat programme and manage the maintenance of buildings, gardens and woodland. All members volunteer in the work of the community, some also have part time employment in the locality.

Twice daily worship is central to their commitment to living together in the spirit. On Sundays they join with Hope Valley Quakers in the beautiful Bamford Quaker Community Meeting Room overlooking the valley.

Visitors always welcome.

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