Here are some Hope Valley Friends experience of our Sunday Meeting for Worship:

When we worship together in silence a deep peace may be experienced which touches ‘the light within’. This in turn refreshes and sustains me and better prepares me for the business of life.

Meeting for Worship enables me to embrace serious thoughts and words away from the trivia. It helps in our searching.

Quaker Meeting gives me a deep quiet space in which to find peace. Sharing precious ministry of silence with others takes me into a deeper well than anywhere else (e.g. alone in our hills). Amongst other blessings I am enabled to reflect upon life’s turbulence and strengthened to be able to do something about it.

I like to listen to, and feel, the silence.

I like to attune to everyone’s listening. It brings me to a sense of presence and receptiveness. When someone does feel impelled to words, which is called Quaker ministry, the quality of attention is very high. The silence afterwards allows each of us to reflect on the rich contribution by any one of us. A very enriching experience.

The photograph above is of Friends talking after Meeting for Worship.