Hope Valley Quakers  (Hope Valley Local Meeting of the Society of Friends) … .

Quakers are a faith group. We try to live in truth, peace, simplicity and equality, finding good and love in ourselves and those around us. Our meetings for worship offer a welcoming opportunity for spiritual exploration, refreshment, and sharing.


We are a group of about 20 Hope Valley Quakers. Each Sunday Meeting for Worship is attended by about 12-20 people, some of whom are visitors to the area, some attending a retreat or course at Bamford Quaker Community, the others local Friends. We heartily welcome all visitors to our Meeting.

          Our Meetings for Worship are frequently quiet. Following the worship hour we have about 15 minutes of Afterword: a time for sharing some of our thoughts, feelings or ideas which did not form ministry during worship, or to develop ministry.

          We all then introduce ourselves, so we can share more over coffee/tea and home-made cake or biscuits. Though we quite understand that some friends might not wish to converse after the experience of Meeting for Worship, and would rather quietly leave, perhaps to walk through our beautiful countryside.